The Art of Debate The Art of Debate
Do you know how to present an argument? Well if you are like 99% of the planet that means no you do not. What... The Art of Debate

Do you know how to present an argument? Well if you are like 99% of the planet that means no you do not. What people consider a debate is really just a battle ofbaby-debate opinions. For example you say 9/11 was a hoax and someone replies, “I cannot believe you belive that nonsense”. or someone says “The ancient Egypts were African people” and someone replies “No they were not black”. The responses are not counterarguments. T
hey are counter-opinions. If I said “I believe in God” and you said “You believe in invisible make believe people” you have no discredited my belief, or my statement. You just offered yours. It is not a debate because nothing has been offered. And this is all people on YouTube and social media are doing when they engage each other. Rather pointless because a debate is an exchange of information, a critique of points and assumptions, a challenge of facts and how they are used. And very few people get even remotely close to doing this.


The way we like to approach any discussion is by setting up a platform from which to start the discussion. And this is very important when you are dealing with a very diverse group of people. And the thing about people, normal everyday people, is they are not critical thinkers. So someone that is White generally can see the entire world in spheres of Whiteness, even how they see us is relative to their whiteness. Religious Zealots see only their version of religion in everything. So much so that after telling them you do not believe in their book, they still using it as the bases of their arguments. “But the books says…” Did I just not tell you I believe in your book? — Anyway. So for us all debates/discussions must have a purpose and that purpose is part of the foundation we like to set-up before wasting our time discussing something.



African Holocaust (Est. 2001) is a non-profit civil society dedicated to the progressive study of African history and culture. The society is composed of diverse array of African scholars and writers, who share the desire use critical thinking to represent and restore an authentic, reflexive, honest, inclusive and balanced study of the African experience, past and present.

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