Black Lives Do not Matter Black Lives Do not Matter
So after saying BlackLives Matter and getting the police to stop killing us will it fix the violence within our own communities? The issues... Black Lives Do not Matter

Without commerce and industry, a people perish economically. The Negro is perishing because he has no economic system — Marcus Garvey.

So Garvey was correct, how can Black lives matter? Or do we not study and understand what Garvey and groups like NOI were talking about? What about Malcolm X on education? Clearly we do not pay attention to Malcolm beyond his handsome personality and cool style. Because what is the reason a life matters in this dog-eat-dog world? Just because our skin is “black” our lives should matter to others? Why? The only reason Gulf Arabs matter is because of their wealth and control over mineral resources.

The reason we know about the Jewish Holocaust and Kosher is that they have wealth and hence power to add value to those things which define them. The reason we know about China is because of their power in our lives and the capacity to manufacture everything we physically need to live in modernity. So they matter to the world because if China was to shut down the global economic system would collapse.

Amber Guyger killed my Bro but you are White and I love you

In short, they matter Israel Matters, UK matters, Whites in Africa matter because of the lion share of the economy they control. Greeks matter because they are the living descendants of the Ancient Greek civilization which was the father of Western civilization. So when we discuss the real-world “value” of African lives we need to make a case for it. And in doing so we address the great issue of civilization and our contribution to it. And to discuss African contribution means we must go below shallow color labels and discuss our African connection. So how can Black lives Matter if we –by choice– stand isolated from 80,000 years of African history? If we have no connection to the Great Egyptian or Songhai empire?  

We must do away with this hippy theory about our lives are greater than White supremacy. This is the real world not a fantasy of the subaltern. Because this cold real world adds no value to your life just because of some vague notion of one’s humanistic appeal–the world does not work like that.

a Black South African smashing in a business owned by Ethiopian because they are African foreigners, no whites were harmed.


BLACK LIVES MATTER or BLACK AMERICAN LIVES MATTER? Yes you have Black people outside of America, there are experiences of African people in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean– African Americans are NOT the global representatives of African people. The story of slavery in America is NOT Ethiopian or Malian history.

A reply to Trump stealing medical supplies from Caribbean

The slave in the master’s house believes he is a version of the slave master. He holds the same superiority mindset as the slave master. The crumb privileges he receives puts him above the rest of the slaves. The slave master looks down on people from Africa, and so does the house slave. The slavemaster hates Moslems(sic) and so too does the slave. The slave is entitled just like the slave master. And since America is a super-power the American Negro is also a super-power within the integrated Western society. And many like Candence, ADOS, Condi, Powell are agents of maintaining that superiority. So the lives of Blacks in America is so important the Africans in the Caribbean must surrender their medicine for their benefit, after all– there are Americans. And this superiority mindset is so deeply ingrained that they will fight the evil American wars for oil and oppress other oppressed people under the banner of Black Lives Matter.

For some who buttress the ideology of  Black Lives Matter fail to see the connection beyond the territorial waters of America. Some of them hold up the slogan of human rights and then tomorrow support the displacement of Palestinians.


According to the US Census Bureau as of the year 2000 there were 2,224,181 blacks enrolled in college.[34] In that same year there were 610,300 black inmates in prison according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.[35]The results are highly correlated with education. 30 percent of those without college education and nearly 60 percent of high school dropouts had prison records

Black Lives cannot matter if we are not educated about self

Without Education how can our lives matter?

Now should a 13 year old youth or anyone of any age be robbing people and drawing what appeared to be a real gun on police? What would happen to a white teen doing the same thing? 1)50 percent of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, while 26 percent were African American. The majority of these victims had a gun or “were armed or otherwise threatening the officer with potentially lethal force,”I think they would probably also be dead. And we have full access to police vs the people to draw conclusions from. Now police excess are very well documented and there is no need to even discuss the very real racist attitude of the American police force, it is on record, it is even on camera. But knowing police have real guns why would a youth pull a gun (real or otherwise) on the police? The reason must be that a community and parents totally failed to educate the “black” youth. And we need to start there just as much as we need to deal with police brutality. It is disgusting for police to slaughter people so easily, but it is equally disgusting for a group to ignore the hardcore reality that some people are criminals and have poor upbringing and focus the entire thing on race. Because without African American youth being shot,  groups like Black Lives Matter do not make news. It is in their political interest to turn every death of anyone of color into a exclusively racial issue. And both camps are not fixing the problem and making sure “black lives matter.” And you will get this anytime a debate is polarized and both sides so fixed in their positions. 2)The backlash against Black Lives Matter is just more evidence of injustice

No hiding from these stats


Well will always get groups that profit from such campaigns. Had African Americans not had a problem there would be no need for these groups. It is like charities in Africa. What happens to all these orgs like Oxfam when Africa becomes a global power again? And what Sowell said about NAACP is exactly the same for Black Lives Matters:

Your book shows that it’s not racism that holds back black Americans. Given that, why do groups like the NAACP continue to focus on racism?

Sowell: Because it is to the benefit of the NAACP. One thing I have learned from studying various ethnic groups around the world is that ethnic leaders tend to promote ideas that help ethnic leaders even when those ideas are counterproductive to the groups that they are leading. I think the classic example in the United States is Hispanic leaders who want to maintain so-called bilingual programs in schools. When the decision as to whether a child is taught in English or in Spanish is left in the hands of parents, Hispanic parents tend to want their children to be taught in English so they can get ahead in this society. But if that is allowed to happen, then the so-called leaders are going to lose their constituency. As Hispanics master English they move on up and drift out into the rest of society. It is to the leaders’ advantage to keep those kids in Spanish so that they can’t move out into the rest of the world.


Alicia Garza, one of the creators of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, explained in 2014 how Black lives mattering is a precondition for all lives mattering:

Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean your life isn’t important – it means that Black lives, which are seen as without value within White supremacy, are important to your liberation. Given the disproportionate impact state violence has on Black lives, we understand that when Black people in this country get free, the benefits will be wide-reaching and transformative for society as a whole.

When we are able to end the hyper-criminalisation and sexualisation of Black people and end the poverty, control and surveillance of Black people, every single person in this world has a better shot at getting and staying free. When Black people get free, everybody gets free.

Let us drop the pro-woke for a second and speak truth, there is nothing in that statement that makes any sense against the backdrop of reality. I do not care how good your intentions are it is nothing about nothing. And highlights why Whites are so happy to put this movement, above other movements on the front cover of their magazines. Those familiar with Pan-Africanism should recall NEPAD, which used a slightly more sophisticated argument. It is odd that we can remain so naive to reality that we can seriously think this is how the world operates. Vague hippy gibberish. White supremacy is happy that BLM is the most discussed movement representing Africans in America.


9 or 90 years old crime is wrong,  you not supposed to be robbing people with real or fake guns. Before we address the issue of racist police,  stop providing them with  black targets. Stop being in the line of fire. When they shoot a brother with books in his hands, then we reveal their racism. But when we scream and shout about criminals it sends the wrong message to our youth. It is almost as,  as long as you are of African heritage, white police are not allowed to shoot you,  no matter what crime you are committing. We can kill each other day and night, and not be called into account, but when someone White kills us then it is front page news. This is the message that some organizations are sending out. It justifies and compounds the serious issues inside African communities. Talk about ambitions to strive for when in a fair system where our drug pushing peers get the same treatment as white drug pushers. That is not a target or a goal to chase.

In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent has to have a conscience. The United States has no conscience— Kwame Ture 


Blacks Matter, but not to Blacks

Black Lives do not Matter to Blacks

White Supremacy has no problem giving airtime and credibility to BlackLivesMatter because it is an appeal to White conscience. Cool 40 years ago but this is the era of globalization and cultural domination. There is only so much that can come out of us telling the world in 2016 that our lives matter. Yet we fail to ask ourselves do “African lives really matter to us”? You can lose your Black life to a Black man over a Popeye’s chicken sandwich in Maryland’. And the world sees this.

So after saying BlackLives Matter and getting the police to stop killing us will it fix the violence within our own communities? The issues within our families? Will it cause African Clothing stores to pop up on every street corner? Will it cause Pan-African films to become more popular? Will it cause us to create our own CNN? Will it trigger all these angry “Black” voices on social media to start reading conscious African books? Will we know more about the Maafa, or about Ancient Mali. Serious questions need serious answers and for decades now we have seen group after group, discussion after discussion and very little answer to these roots of our problems. Now compare what Nation of Islam and Garvey were talking about and see why White supremacy does not actually have a problem with Blacklivesmatter but had a big problem with Panthers, NOI, and Pan-Africanism. BLM is a reaction to a specific stimuli. Nothing long term.3)Garvey, 1918 Economic Liberation Many White liberals will champion it because it is White safe and White approved.


Black Lives cannot matter without economic powerPraise the Good and be critical of the bad. But the problem is in many of these kneejerk appeal to CNN movements that gain traction in white press is they forget the game is like Chess. So when you see too much press you better ask yourself are my objectives clear. Getting CNN to cover your little protest is NOT an objective. Now if you use that, to push some Saturday Schools or Pro-Marriage agenda then that is something we can praise.

Black lives matter is heavily a pro-gay movement.It acts as a proxy to introduce liberal values into African American communities.  It is gay affiliation that gives it “power” and why it is chosen to represent. Because it fulfills the dual role of pretending to fix a problem most African Americans clearly agree with, but inserts the heavier message of gay pride. Black lives has no roots in African identity, a search of the site shows the African connection is almost invisible. As a result they rest heavily on the undefined identity of “blackness” and with blackness comes an absent of African values, and African culture. It is blackness that allows them to graph homosexuality onto a black identity, Eurocentric feminist values.

How do you affirm something? Why do Black lives matter, what is the root of this ideology. We already know all lives should matter but central to this chain of thought is why Black lives do not matter to the broader group in America. And when we start discussing that reason we can then begin a fix. If Blacks are perceived as a useless burden on society and a bunch of drug dealers that accusation needs examination. It must be address, modified, corrected, debunked where applicable. But to ignore it and simple “AFFIRM” a statement is circular logic and an act of faith.

Black Lives Matters a Proxy for Gay Movement

Proxy for Gay Movement

These objectives are given undue weight and for a group representing African Americans it is odd the priority of Gay rights over the word economic empowerment, marriage, etc: How Black queer and trans folks bear a unique burden from a hetero-patriarchal society that disposes of us like garbage and simultaneously fetishists us and profits off of us, and that is state violence.

There is no simple way to put it, after a critical review of the Black lives website it is a pathetic shallow joke. There is no comprehensive blueprint for change or an mature comprehension of the challenges which historically are central to African Americans or African globally. What is it is an appeal to White supremacy and an attempt to raise the consciousness of people (of all races) about the struggles of African Americans. That is fine, but without a concrete root in addressing teh problems (especially the internal problems, the legacy of slavery, the inferiority complex, the poor leadership (them being a case in point), the outcome of struggles like this are just the weakest option for White Supremacy to parade around as “The voice of the authentic African American.”

Black Lives is a wishy washy confused motley ill thought out proxy for the gay movement. Lacking concrete blueprint or any sort of authentic action plan rooted in the issues afflicting African Americans

A Gilded cage

You know our problem is so deep it will be very hard to fix. Take this one situation. The loudest person who is livid at police brutality on social media. What do you think happens when you go to that person 4 months after the CNNs have stopped talking about it and try to discuss family, education of their children (an African centered education), economics (buying books and educational DVDs for the home). Are they interested? They consume the very poison the oppressors gives them. The truth is for all the noise making they still want to be part of someone else’s project, They still want to drink all the Whiskey Jack can Distill, they want the brand names made in Italy (not Africa). And until that changes you can raise a million #BLACKLIVESMatter hashtags and it will make no difference Black lIves do not matter because we have no love of self. And everyone on planet Earth can see we do not love self because of our choices.


“all black people to keep your money in your pocket. Let everybody feel the pain economically of what we are feeling physically when you kill us.”–B.J. Murphy (NOI)

Somali shop looted by Black South Africans

And you have to wonder how many whites reporting on Murphy are smiling. Clearly the statement came from a emotional mind and not a thinking person . And it comes back to how we choose to look at the world. We are so defeated. If every African decided to go down the old tired route of boycotting what the hell you going to eat tomorrow? You going to boycott the electricity also. Now If you boycott Mark’s Facebook and YouTube that might be a good thing. But these are the signs of confused people without power. So let “Them feel it” ? As the director of this film once said “The problem with burning down the master’s house is all the slaves also live there” (or something like that). Why not just spend your money with your own race, like the Jews do—oh, I forgot. We so integrated into someone else’s house we forgot to build our own.

When one reads the top opinions on the African American crisis you have to shake your head. Is that the top opinion? These clowns they parade in front of us as authentic reps? These are the kinds of people who speak about solutions and make no mention of teh E-word. Or speak about racism and make no African connection. Like African in “American” is silent. And what is the fate of people who forget their history. And by forget we cannot include lip service, but living African


Global Icons

Global Icons

This voice of the unheard is one tired piece of rhetoric. It is not actually that violent dissent is the voice of the unheard, it is that it is a sign of the pathetic state of African American leadership who despite being the most popular Africans on the planet, known from Japan to Jakarta still think they are unheard and invisible. The world knows African people through African Americans. You go anywhere on the planet and the one image people know is Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Prince, Oprah, Miles Davis, Michael Jordan, Malcolm X, King, Ali, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Cornel West, on and on. So maybe 90%4)This number is just to say the overwhelming majority of famous people of color are American, disproportionately so of the famous Africans in the entire world are African Americans. So African Americans are anything but unheard and invisible. Music, sports, politics, African Americans are icons around the globe. You can name 20 famous African Americans that everyone knows, try naming 5 famous Arabs that people in China know, or even 5 famous Chinese. All of this is the debunk the argument that African Americans are some invisible group, hidden away and lacking in opportunity.

Ali a world icon

Ali a world icon

So then the correct statement is violent protest are the voice of the disorganized. Because no group is so popular, so well documented than any other oppressed group (more than the Native Americans, more than the Vietnamese, more than South Africans, Somali people, people of Congo) on and on. And no oppressed group has so much potential power. Added to this is every time an African American is shot by a cop it is news. Who else gets this kind of coverage. As bad as America is there is a long list of countries 100 times worse. See how Israel treats its oppressed as an example. And America is full of opportunity, unfortunately when you grow up and live there that opportunity is invisible. But 100s of African from the continent run there because of the opportunities. Not seeing your opportunities does not mean they do not exist. The same is true for the UK, parts of Europe, and South Africa. The place is an opportunity hot spot in the world. These are places where hard work really does pay off. But people want to see only Amerikkka because that is the choice they make.

So very few countries on Earth allow the potential for countering one’s oppression than America. It is not Israel, it is not Ethiopia, it is not Nigeria. And people in America with access to lobbying, information, technology can only be unheard because they continue to see the glass half-empty, as opposed to half-full.


Black Lives did not matter much to the Black President

Nothing has Changed

in 2016 when you ask people crying and bawling about changing the situation they only know about holding up stupid signs and marching OR doing violence in the street, those are two (and only) two means of dissent within African American communities. And these methods while the worked for King, are D E A D in our modern setup. And let me add, this is not all King did, King was like a politician. So from the 60s to now, even under an African American president here we are.



“Oh but White kids smoke dope and drop out of high school also” Sure they do, they also go to Harvard and Yale in enough numbers to keep the economy of the world in their hands for hundreds of generations. So why are we looking at the failed white people? Why don’t we worry about the ones who are not wasting their life. They already rule the world, despite whatever percentage of them are totally failed. They can afford to have one or two idiots in the race–we cannot. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard.

When I went to university I already knew that this world was not a world created by people like me. I knew that it was a world on their terms. So I could go out there and perform horrible and then compare myself to my white counterparts who also pissed things up. Or I could push the highest standards and compete with the best the white world had. It’s a choice. But i think we like to match these people in the wrong things. But it is not our world. We did not invent the cars we drive in, or the planes that fly in the sky, or the Democratic system of injustice, or electricity not even Facebook. We are a conquered people, we lost the war, they won the war. So the fate of us is until we regain our former status as world leaders, we are in their world on their terms. And we should take a lesson from Asia. Asia beat them at their own marvels in technology. But how are we doing that when we want nothing more than to smoke dope and get the same slap on the wrist from the law as our white dope selling counterpart? So we are happy if our criminals get the same treatment as White criminals. Is that the message we are singing when we complain about the higher rates of incarceration? Of all those incarcerated are any of them chemical engineers from the African American community, lawyers, sciences? mathematicians? Then they not locking up anyone we going to miss. 

And we know we had a bad start to the race–then why compound it? But the task of catching up and overtaking is do or die. You actually do it or you die. We will be even more conquered. more exploited. Yet know this we a. do not support. b. do not create good businesses, c. do not go and get the skills/education d. do not make sure our children have some education and work ethic. We think us and them should be equally allowed to fail in life on junk food in front of a TV, is that what MX and MLK was fighting for, so we can be like the lowest White person in the Bible belt? We not beat them to Mars, or be the first the cure cancer something useful for humanity. And when you say this people like to remind you about our obstacles. But none of our obstacles are a mystery. You do not sit down in front of an empty fridge and keep repeating for 100 years “The fridge is empty”. Fridge is empty and will stay that way for 1000 years until you get up and fix it. So the problems are the problems like gravity is a problem for a spaceship going to the moon. It would not be a worthy spacecraft if it did not overcome gravity.


And not all “black” folk will like it when you point these kind of things out, just like when it was pointed out to them that Obama was just the oligarchy, White Supremacy in blackface. And the reasons are the same, when all you have is nothing then that nothing is your faith, and any critique of the faith is the total destruction of the person that knows nothing than begging the slave master for crumbs. They do not understand the concept of economics to even dream or attempt it, all they have is marching and singing as tools of liberation. But their vision of liberation is sitting next to White folk on a bus, or using the same toilets. The vision of the enslaved is just moving from the sugar cane fields to working with the livestock.


Symbolic gestures of unity created by the BLM are cool, but this is 2017 and we should be beyond just gestures and superficial solidarity because we share oppression. Time to get some solidarity in economics (for example). All these gestures and sense of forward movement  are terminal. For others they are the tip of the iceberg. After that beautiful gesture is there any hardcore projects going on? Like us comparing notes and making plans to go beyond the flags? Obviously not. What you see is all there is to us. Once CNN puts it on the front page we call it a victory.


And no something is not better than nothing. Because we should be way beyond doing just something or just doing nothing. Both are no good. And if marching for BBC and CNN is our magic trick or secret technique for victory then we are just pathetic.

And no you not raising awareness, I think most of the world already know Blacks lives do not matter. You just confirming it by asking them to reconsider. So this “better than nothing” position is a fallacy because you could say better than nothing to anything. You could say that about Somali government. Of course the current government is “better” than no government. So it is an inexhaustible statement that is moot in any serious discussion. You not supposed to be in a position where doing what people did 40 years ago is “better” nor are you supposed to be in a situation of nothing.

I do not need Baltimore or Baton Rouge to wake up and start preparing a Pan-African education. I know to do that without any pushing. We did not need Katrina to realize we should build our own institutions. We do not need Dr. so and so to get fired by the White Zionist at So and so University to realize the importance of independent African work. We know all of this because our ancestors (Garvey, X, Nkrumah, etc) told us so. Yes they did. What was Nkrumah talking about in Ghana? So is it no longer relevant? Then what else should we be doing all this time if not owning our industry and becoming tech giants. Do we need them to come back an enslave us to decide to act? 5)‘Alik Shahadah, Art of Revolution, 2008


Or do you think after building the school all those families who scream and cry when the police execute their sons are going to rush and sign up. U think the solution is that easy.? Once we set up some wonderful empowerment projects for youth in South Africa. After everything was finished they found yet another complaint. 99% had zero interest. The very same ones with a banner marching and crying ain’t interested in your solutions. And it is time we be honest about that. Between spending on their children they prefer a new car, new shoes, a new 40″ TV

DEMANDING JUSTICE–With what stick?

Speak softly but carry a big stick

This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. –  Frederick Douglass6)

There are some words that do not really go together. aka oxymoron. “Give us our freedom”
and “We demand justice”
You see what has happened is critical thinking is dead. Most just follow the status quo, what they see others doing on social media, etc. So when all the “Black” people are changing their memes– one tends to follow the trend. Anyway let us explore demanding justice from the unjust. Douglass said power can put a demand on power. So Russia can put a demand on America and vice-versa. China can put demands out there also. You mess with them trust us– you will feel it where it hurts. Even Saudi Arabia when they ready can make the odd demand. Iran can cause some tension in the world and make some demands. We see same with North Korea. But what about the 14% in America? What are you holding up to put a demand on America to give justice? Now there is a group in America that is not even 1.2% of the pop, and when they get pissed they make all kinds of demands. They can make America go to war on their behalf. I am just arguing one point from the POV of the quote that Power responds to power.


  1. Physical Force: Capacity for violence
  2. Wealth: Buying results
  3. State Action: Government, lobbying
  4. Social Norms: soft power
  5. Ideas: Changing action through ideas
  6. Numbers by number and legitimacy.

Three laws of power:

  1. Power is never static in accumulating or decaying in a civil arena. You either taking power or it is acting on you.
  2. Power is like a water. Control of the flow of water.
  3. Power compounds: Power gains more power, powerlessness creates more powerlessness.


Now that we have laid out Eric’s properties of power let us attempt to apply it to Black Lives Matter and the broader African struggle as seen in South Africa right now and beyond.

  1. Physical force maybe what some African Americans and South African have. But is it really a real power when it exercises itself on itself. Like destroying the city you need to live and work in, looting stores that employ you and sell you food. I think capacity for violence would be Israel or ISIS.
  2. When it comes to economic power we do not need to even go far with that discussion. Sure African Americans spend maybe 99% of their money outside their community, but that does not confer power because that spending is on life essential things also. So if they decided to stop shopping at Walmart, who suffers more Walmart (which supplies all of America), or African Americans that own no stores that supply them with their basic needs. So it is not really power at all. Had African Americans owned large industries that create wealth in America as opposed to be the labor in those large industries that would be very different–then we would be talking about real economic power.
  3. Again when you say Lobby to the average African American it is a word LAMPROPHONY. They never heard of it. They think it means standing in a hall. You ask them what is the process of changing legislation, even the most educated do not know. It is a word absent from the African American struggle. Just a Google search of it brings up some interesting results. So for all the shouting and marching the tool used most by serious people to change policy is still, after King, after Garvey unknown to the majority and totally absent from the campaigns of almost every African American “for change” organization.
  4. With everyone on social media changing their profile pictures to “demand Justice” this is a form of social power. With the constant mention in the news it is spreading ideas, but without the aforementioned points it is news at the discretion of White media bosses.
  5. While ideas are being changed, it is not crossing over the race divide. White opinion, regardless of how obvious the brutality is remain unflinching. They watch a video of an African American being killed on camera with no justification but still blame African Americans as deserving of the brutality.
  6. At 14% numbers are there, Jews are 1.2% and get a lot more done. And this issue of authenticity is a problem because it is set and controlled by the forces of oppression. Black Lives Matter is one group, ideologically a pretty weak and surface based solution group. Yet that is the group chosen by White Supremacy and authenticated as the voice of African Americans. And while it is a focused group– without the needed long term or reflexivity it almost becomes a patch fix.


Half-steps have never covered long ground— ‘Alik Shahadah

The struggle for anything requires clear objectives. And a poor understanding of the issues that make “Black” lives so irrelevant globally means fixing the prejudice will never happen. No one can tell you a paper is valuable and expect someone to accept it. The value must be created. So what value are Africans adding to themselves to be viewed as equal contributors to society? Economically we are clients of the world, we are sold our own culture at a premium, we have zero respect for our rich African history, on and on. So any fix must start at home, with a repair of the things that cause our lives as Africans to  be globally devalued. And economics and identity are central in this fix. The fact that we own nothing and have a wishy washy identity rooted in a color is not a good place. The state of our family, single parent families is not something anyone respects. And not to speak about this while exclusively focusing on White supremacy is criminal and destructive to the highest degree. Because we offer ourselves up to exploitation and oppression because of our shortcomings. Our youth are not Palestinians being executed by Zionism for political violence. At Least in South Africa they are organized around specific issues of injustice. But in America it is as shallow, represented by shallow groups. With groups totally confused about the last 500 Years of Holocaust against African people, because they are African. And how this oppression expresses itself (in our identities, in our access to education about self, in our agency) is critical if we are discussing a fix. But how could any sincere group neglect African agency and claim to be a solution?

Call me in 20 years later and let us see the legacy of BLM for African people. It was just another phase until Whites got bored running the story.


References   [ + ]

1. 50 percent of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, while 26 percent were African American. The majority of these victims had a gun or “were armed or otherwise threatening the officer with potentially lethal force,”
2. The backlash against Black Lives Matter is just more evidence of injustice
3. Garvey, 1918 Economic Liberation
4. This number is just to say the overwhelming majority of famous people of color are American, disproportionately so
5. ‘Alik Shahadah, Art of Revolution, 2008


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