South Africa: Post Apartheid Truth South Africa: Post Apartheid Truth
Without knowing much about South Africa what do you think when you hear South Africa? Especially in terms of its greatest challenges? I mean... South Africa: Post Apartheid Truth


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The original article was 10 years later. It was written a decade ago and this is a follow up which tries to focus on the theme of jobs, xenophobia, ownership and other issues which feed some of SA most controversial and contemporary issues. This is a work in progress and compiles content from other articles on our site.

The job of oppression is never complete until the oppressed become the oppressors.–Paulo Freire1)paraphrase

SA still owned by Whites

South Africa has all the right ingredients to be the best of the best in Africa. Yet all the signs we are getting from the Rainbow Nation show it is going in the wrong direction, trampling on the hopes of South Africans and Africans everywhere in order to keep their secret promise to the oligarchy.2)Black people still bear the brunt of rights violations – SAHRC

Statistics showed that of 40% of South Africans living below the poverty line of a little over R600 a month—Ramkissoon SAHRC

Samora Mangesi beaten by Whites3)Journalist Beaten by Whites for helping them

Without knowing much about South Africa what do you think when you hear South Africa? Especially in terms of its greatest challenges? I mean there is the legacy of apartheid and the wealth divide between White settlers and the native people. There is a serious racism problem that mirrors America. South Africa has made itself the poster child of xenophobia with a worrying trend in far right anti-immigration violence. There is massive crime problem, there is a serious crisis of morals, there are fatherless homes, rampant social issues, failure of once stellar institutions like the postal service, there is a massive educational problem, alcoholism, there are electricity issues (load-shedding), poor health care4)We need only look at how many people die just waiting for beds in a country so rich. Some one has stage 3 cancer and it took them 3 years to find this out. Yet a Google search diagnosed her symptom in 1 second., etc. Where in the world does “securing our border” factor into all of this? Yet, the DA political party (White supremacy with a black puppet proxy leader aka Mmusi Maimane) 5)DA use to be White run, but to increase their control they realized they needed a token Negro and his white wife to attract local Blacks who seem so blind they cannot see that DA is White rule.6)White Party Black Facehas dedicated millions to pushing a campaign (like Trump) on one tiny fringe issue. Of all the issues in SA, this xenophobic or Afrophobic concern is clearly the priority. It preys on a already tense country and could only be a populous attempt, stirring up trouble and capitalizing like Trump on fear-mongering. ‘Our Borders’ who is this ‘Our’, seeking to scapegoat poor Africans to create a false ‘nationalism’ and blind ‘patriotism’ to further only rich white self-interest. 

[Whites] are generous without giving justice; personally humane, without an equitable sharing of wealth, power or status–Maulana Karenga

DA Leader Mmusi and his Wife7)A proxy for White interest  White Party Black Face

Mandela Voting

Mandela Voting for?

What comes to mind when you think of South Africa? Is it justice, Pan-Africanism? Of course not, so let us start with the image they keep selling to the world and declare it a fraud.  South Africa and its beauty posters of smiling Mandela and its rainbow rhetoric are marketing gimmicks. Who among the majority in South Africa is experiencing that? Which African foreigners are experiencing Ubuntu and Pan-African love? All the development they boast about is true, but most of the development is locked within the 8% of the population, and 90% of that 8% are White. The same Whites that owned and ran the place during apartheid.

The new South Africa, while begging for rich foreign investors, is clearly trying to keep the poor and needy out. But how can you try to be the face of human rights yet be the home of xenophobia and black far right attitudes to immigration. How do you expect to profit from globalization with a closed border attitude–with one comes the other. The world is watching and SA is becoming less viable for tourists and investors in the eyes of the world. Better look at Ghana.


Steve Biko

South Africa has a very poor understanding of the world and even their own history. If Israel and Ethiopia are a 10 in terms of a population that knows its history then South Africa is a 1. You ask people on the streets who was Steve Bantu Biko and you would be shocked how many might say; I know the name–and nothing else. Education is pretty poor. Many could not find South Africa on a world map. South Africans do not understand the world outside of them. And this is true for many countries even rich countries like America who seem to think beyond their borders dragons lie.

Black people in South Africa continue to bear the brunt of racial indignity, as well as acute socioeconomic rights violations, more than two decades since the dawn of democracy, according to the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

In the case of Africans in South Africa there is a culture of comfortable ignorance. They do not know, and they do not want to know. This is on a cultural level. And it is very worrying and something you need to be around to full understand how could a culture evolve to be comfortable not knowing anything. While Indians will ask a million questions locals just are not interested. They work in a DVD store and are around films all day yet do not know what Star Wars is or care to know. They work in a supermarket and do not know the names of the food. They know 5PM when it is time to go home. When you try to teach them something there is a knee-jerk “do not want to know, that is a headache. “And this is something people might find difficult but this attitude to information must be called out and understood. And what is worst it is not only in South Africa. Leading us to believe it is tied to oppression. You see the same thing  in poor African American and African British  communities. 8)See the film 500 Years Later on Education

We just saw what happened with Brexit, not many understand the role of British xenophobia in that disaster, yet South Africa is flirting with it so insular to understand a worst outcome would happen to them. 9)xenophobia and UK Clearly it is an educational problem and it is not unique to South Africa it is a global problem.


“I think it smacks of politicians being racist and opportunist as we come up to elections, it appears to be popular and what South Africans would want to support. The danger is that it is going to fuel Xenophobia in our communities.” -Sharon Ekambaram Lawyers for Human Rights

Why Not add build a wall?

Let us ask some critical questions? How big is South Africa and how long are its borders with its poorer neighbors like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, and  the small Kingdom of Lesotho. How many miles is this? I promise you more than the American-Mexico border, yet rich first world America cannot protect its borders. So, how is the DA proposing SA drain resources from a country with junk status? People like the rhetoric but they are not thinking practically. Will they take the money from education to build a wall? What is this border nonsense about? Is SA a regional antagonist like Israel, surrounded by hostile Muslims Arabs?10) Who does SA need protection from? Black people of course.

Race and Wealth Not an issue to campaign around for the DA11)White Wealth

Secure the borders from who? The Western Whites or local Whites like Johann Rupert who exploit Africa?12)White Wealth The multinational corporations that drain Africa’s resources? The Chinese taking over Africa and destroying local factories? Oh no, God forbid. A nationwide campaign sponsored by the DA is prioritizing securing the borders from a handful of undocumented persecuted Black people from Zimbabwe. I wish Zimbabwe and Mozambique had done the same when SA was under the full yoke of White supremacy (aka apartheid). And I hope investors understand the hypocritical nature of South Africa, on one side saying they welcome people, and messages of this kind. How is it different from Donald Trump? Or the far right in Europe? Which other African country has these xenophobic campaigns? Let us not be so silly that we think this only applies to undocumented foreigners, the real world does not work like that. It is a sentiment that affects all foreigners. And we must become wise regarding this. Ultimately, it makes anyone not South African uncomfortable. It is a polite racism, hatred behind a smiling mask, exploiting known issues while disproportionately representing them. It rides right up there with all of Trumps anti-immigration rhetoric. It proposes that there are good foreigners and bad foreigners and politicians are trying to say “we are only talking about the bad, undocumented ones”. Just like when Islamophobes discuss good Muslims and bad Muslims while we all know all Muslims are demonized in Western news. Ultimately it is a message which creates Islamophobia. When black South Africans go burning and looting they do not check to see which foreigners have visas, appeals, refugee status, or which are just straight up undocumented.

Secure Borders But One SA for All?

“Home Affairs in 2017 said 384 000 people coming into the country from Zimbabwe, but only 27 000 can be accounted for. That tells you there is a huge problem,” said DA Gauteng Premier Candidate, Solly Msimanga. 13) If this is a HUGE problem what would you call 80% of the wealth still in 8% of White hands? What other huge problems do you think are greater than this? What about the crime rate? What about the unemployment rate? And this will be discussed to show categorically, that unemployment in SA is not linked to foreigners but a failure of education in every sense of the term and the wealth disparity between the races.


SA’s  greatest threat–poor Black Foreigners

We need to see this campaign for what it is. The DA knows 100% that this border thing is a non-issue. It is just a new tactic to attack the ANC and redirect the people’s minds from more serious issues like taking land from Whites. There is no way you can look at the grocery list of issues in SA and bring up undocumented immigration. Not one of these undocumented immigrants are capable of making a percentile difference to the reality in SA. But a foreign multinational company can. So can the thousands of Indians and Chinese in South Africa, exploiting the hell out of the place. So, what is this message really about? It is to stop oppressed South Africans from focusing on land redistribution or dealing with racial justice. There is no way between heave and hell that you can tell any serious, critical-thinking person that poor oppressed people coming across the borders of SA, undocumented, are so central to the future of SA.

These dirty politics are directly mimicked from racist Western countries like America, France, the Netherlands, etc. It was this fear of foreigners that misdirected the British people into supporting Brexit over their own broader self-interest.


SA White actors do well overseas

If you look behind the gloss, South Africa in a nutshell is the southern most European country. It is a White outpost which creates wealth for whites. Now, the old apartheid system was 100% exploitative, it was not sustainable and it was losing markets due to it oppressive policy–it had to go. The new system is much smarter and realizes that sharing a small proportion of the wealth with the elitist Black and Indian buffer class which would secure white wealth for eternity. There is no country in Africa that is so loved in the West than South Africa. Because like the relationship between Israel and America there is cultural-political compatibility.

The wine and film industries both make money for White people globally. The most popular actress and the most popular band are from White South Africa. South Africa is important to the White monopoly in Africa. What many people do not know is how many millions of dollars ebb and flow between Whites in the rest of the Western world and Whites in South Africa. Even Whites in South Africa and Whites in the Caribbean and New Zealand and Australia.

The South African Tourism board, the South African film industry and the Durban Fashion industry spend huge budgets with White business and personalities outside of South Africa while never engaging Africans in South Africa or on the broader continent. So, for education consultation they find themselves not in Zimbabwe but in White Australia. For Durban fashion they are flying in White European designers and pay first class rates to have them speak alien info to African fashion students. All the while the best of Africa, people like African owned designer companies Ocacia and Wantashi, do not get invited to their so-called African fashion events.


And finally, how does South Africa keep the African population in check? Given all this info you would think there would be more unrest. Two things SA has done well is to control transparency and to blame foreigners. It is not like Ethiopia, Kenya or Sudan where the police will kick in your door for an article like this. South Africa has control over its dissent by using misdirection. They have people like Malema who maintain political noise, giving the impression that SA is diverse and free. But the White press love Malema as he keeps papers selling. Freedom is for racist Zapiro. Yet those who hit the wrong buttons and make the wrong noise like Slikour, are seriously punished especially by his own race.

Blaming foreigners (who own no media outlets) or putting Zuma in the news serve to distract the nation’s people. Their best strategy is to just give the mob some trinkets, like legalizing weed or building malls in the township to make the poor buy things they do not need. 14)In a recent interview with Tyson property, as to why rent in African dominated areas was higher than Whites, they said it was because the black population spends more on food and clothes despite having significantly lower income. South Africa loves misdirection and taking silly conversations to national level albeit in an attempt to stymie legitimate concerns, especially concerns which show Whites in negative light.


Investigate why he has no job

In South Africa the work ethos of local Africans is known to everyone. It is one of those things Whites, Indians and foreigners say everyday, yet it is not politically correct to discuss it. Even Zuma said it (of all people). Every single person who employees Africans talks about it. Many local Africans will complain in private about lazy attitudes to work. It is odd that some continue to pretended that it is a false generalization.

It is an oddity that in our research we came across factories with machines yet no one was there to run them. One denim company said they had to drop the quality of their jeans because they could not find operators. Some businesses are struggling due to a shortage of staff, yet a quarter of the population is claiming to be unemployed. A quick look tells us it is not only a lack of jobs, but a lack of critical skills combined 15)Critical skills are not in dispute as the government clearly admits this to be an issue, but what they fail to admit is a lazy attitude towards workwith a terrible work ethic. Some seriously want jobs especially those in rural areas but looking through the job listings, how do you expect jobs requiring Masters degrees or quality control experience when you left school at 16? It just does not add up. Another search of local Gumtree showed factories begging for skilled pattern graders. Try like you do not believe to find an African pattern grader and you will find the gold of El Dorado first. These skills do not exist in the local African population and that is testimony to a failure of the ANC in prioritizing education and also the people’s failure to cultivate a culture of learning.

At a local Ocean Basket, the most charismatic and helpful waiters were all from Zimbabwe, they spoke fluent English, smiled regardless of if you gave them a tip or not and were responsible and trustworthy, according to one South African Muslim owner. They came back from holidays without going missing in action. So who should they employ for their business? The foreigner who does the job with passion or the local who cuts their eyes and chews gum, rolling their eyes on the job? South Africa has made these discussions taboo, it is a third rail to discuss the obvious elephant in the room. We need to deal with this if we claim to be dealing with the real problems. Regardless of how many good South African workers do exist, this situation is very real too. Locals are not known for good attendance or performance and there are far too many business owners who agree with this statement. They put very little into advancing themselves or taking opportunities, they do not like stress. When Friday comes they want their money for the least input to the job as possible.

The very same person complaining on the news about how they cannot find a job, please go and offer some of them a job and see what happens. It is so shocking that most South Africans still continue to deny that they are xenophobic and have an entitlement attitude. And this problem is so deep we know people in the government who are bending over backwards to fix the problem but do not know what to do.


They cannot fix phones but destroyed this Pakistani phone shop16)

One article by some very ignorant person asked how come Pakistanis own businesses in SA but native Africans don’t own businesses in Pakistan– Am… We own nothing in our own Africa (with African governments), how we going to own things in Pakistan? Please now, use your brain. How can a Pakistani computer specialist steal your job when you cannot even install Whatsapp on your phone?

To give some insight into the situation it is better to tell stories. There is no way to honestly represent everyone in South Africa but there is an emerging pattern that comes from interactions with people. So, in our research we interviewed 21 employers on their experience with local Africans in South Africa (also known as blacks).  Almost every employer in South Africa will be familiar with these problems. They are not localized, they are not unique, they represent a dangerous work ethic which undermines African development and goes a long way to explaining why twenty something years after apartheid a true transition has not occurred, or may never occurred. It also explains why land grabs, kicking Whites, Indians and foreigners out of South Africa will never in a billion years work. Yes White domination is a problem, yes apartheid is the primary reason for the wealth disparity but with every year these problems also exist because of poor skills, poor work ethics and the general mental culture embedded in the notion that someone owes Native South Africans something because they settled this land first.

Can you fix a mobile phone? No? Then how can you blame the Pakistanis for taking your job? Can you sew African clothes and do embroidery—no. Then why attack the Ghanaian and Nigerian sewing your clothes?

Foreigners starting a business in 201217)This is the first photos of Ocacia, it is now one the few luxury online African clothing store in the world. The only one in South Africa which exports clothes to Western countries and employees and trains local South Africans.

Long before the Pakistanis and Somalians arrived, did native South Africans not own businesses in their areas? They have help from the government, they have no banking restrictions, they have access to education, they have SEDA, things that no one else in Africa has. So what is the excuse? I have never heard anyone describe Japanese or Germans as lazy. 18) you will hear this a lot in South Africa. And they get very upset but there must be some truth in it. What else could it be? No one likes to be called lazy, or stupid, or backward. Maybe we as Africans need to be honest. Of all the continents on Earth, Africa has the lowest native ownership. Ethiopia being the only exception. So it is not only a South African problem.

One manufacturer, who had to close down their business in Jan 2019 said: “with unemployment at 26% and all the rhetoric flying around I would love for some of these same people to come to us and explain why we cannot find staff? And we do not only look for qualified specialists–because in that department SA is dry (you have to use foreigners). But even general workers. One person was brought to us by our secretary, who lives close to them. He asked us to please help this person as they have no money for rent or food–we gave them the job on the spot and said you can start at 8 next day. They never showed up. Claiming they got ill. Obviously their phone got ill since they never used it to tell anyone they were not coming. The next one came for one day and luckily got accepted into Uni late Sunday night (at least they told us). They went on to say they have to send their clothes to America and Ethiopia as they cannot find local models in South Africa as people are not interested regardless of if you pay them.


There are so many examples it would be impossible to document them all: Most do not want to be identified for fear of reprisals.

Computer Center in Township

Xolani and others got an entertaining company to supply them with some computers and local computer organizations ran by whites set-up training. So the deprived township that was moaning about lack of opportunity now has a state-of-art computer center and people to train them. What do they do with this opportunity? Learn to write C.V? Learn PowerPoint? Most of the time they use the resource to catch up on Lil Wayne’s latest lyrics. Xolani is on record, saying they are good at complaining until they get things, which they then waste. The center in XXX then ran a critical skills master class in film-making where a real film would be made by Africans from the Diaspora along with local people from the township. 20 people were pre-selected for this wonderful opportunity before the Diaspora filmmakers arrived. Do you know by the second day of filming all those who swore they would grasp the opportunity in both hands were a no-show. Some complained they could not walk for 10 minutes to get to the center. So the local organizers found money to give them to show up. After one week in from the 20 hopefuls, a single person was left to work on the film. That is right, one person from 20 had any interest in film-making. And even that person said editing took too long and he got bored. Then we see media in SA dominated by Whites and call it racism. What about ‘no interest’? But they can comfortably waste all the opportunities and then when they are all gone, as Xolani said, say “you never did anything for us.”


Blaming the foreigner is so old and tired it must date back to the Jurassic era– Alik Shahadah

24 people have been killed in over a week of violent attacks on African workers

Anyone offering excuses or justifications for xenophobia are stepping into dangerous territory. They walk right into the ideology of all the hatred that has marred the human record: Rwanda, Congo, Nazi Germany, etc.

Xenophobia is so rife in South Africa it has become the poster child for the entire world to see African intolerance to mainly other Africans. We all know there is no modern country with a progressive economy that does not include foreigners–South Africa, as a relatively new country does not seem to know that. Most South Africans, especially those who are also African, forget two things – it was a Pan-African attitude that helped to dismantle apartheid. It were the very same countries that surround SA that played a role in securing Africans in South Africa from the hooks of apartheid. The next thing South Africans seem to forget is that they too are foreigners in other people’s countries. The UK job market is full of highly paid South African nationals who now live and work in the UK, 19)White South Africans in the UK are a very successful community, more so than many British born people of African ancestry–because they are white they are favored in the UK job market. They marry White UK people and have no issues with xenophobiaAustralia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, etc. Xenophobia is a form of racist ignorance and that racism has never entertained facts or cares about truth.

Somali tuck shops

So, Ethiopians and Nigerians are stealing the jobs in South Africa, that is why their shops (which create wealth and jobs) are systematically attacked? Makes sense? They Toyi-toyi pass a huge White owned factory to attack and loot a shop owned by Somali refugees. Makes sense? Which excuse is it now? They are stealing jobs so you loot their stores. Or they are not properly registering business with CIPRO so you can now burn them down? False issues from lazy, jealous and frustrated people who need to blame easy targets.20)Lazy and Jealous 21)And when we discuss laziness it also means an attitude where you do not want to invest in yourself to create long term success. They take their money and waste it while not putting anything into  personal development. They all want to wear the latest clothes, weaves and have all the DSTV channels, yet do not prepare a future for their children to be owners in business. They do not work day and night like foreigners do. They have no interest in learning anything new. Since 1994 why can’t Black South Africans own and run businesses yet in 5 years Ethiopians can own entire streets despite coming with nothing.

With xenophobia there is no fence, the slightest form of justification or mitigation makes you a xenophobe.

So, the big foreign owned white businesses in SA are not worried about xenophobia. The medical doctor from Zimbabwe with a clinic is also stealing jobs from the uneducated illiterate mob smashing in the windows of their clinic. So, the giant store Makro, owned by Walmart, run by Guy Hayward is no problem to the masses. How much money are these pirates sucking out of the banks of poor Africans? So why is this not an issue? Who is SA protecting if not White Wealth. And see the section on the BEE scam so we can expose these companies and their so-called BEE claims of social responsibility. How many massive restaurants in SA are foreign owned, yet they have not been affected by xenophobia. The looters and raiders ran right pass a Greek owned restaurant to attack a small Ethiopian tuck shop built out of a old cargo container. Mental slavery has no logic. And we know, as often is the case around the world, many of these so-called attackers are just common criminals using any excuse to do crime.

The lazy and the jealous burnt this African shop

So the list of problems with foreigners include taking our women. Has anyone looked at the black male crisis in South Africa, where most Africans are single parent families and as the women say “The men run away?” If you live in South Africa let us be honest and not waste time discussing this issue. Where are the local guys when it comes to responsibility and stability. 22)Local vs Foreign. So yes, foreign men are stealing South African women. And the future of South Africa is unstoppable, far too many 1/2 foreigner babies are now South African. Xenophobia has no future.

Crime: It is amazing that locals list the increase in crime on foreigners especially Nigerians. What next, is load-shedding the fault of foreigners also? We just need basic logic to deal with this. South Africa without foreigners in 1994 was one of the most dangerous and violent places on Earth, outside of a warzone. Now what percentage of South Africa is foreigner (and the word foreigner is a very large pool which includes not only Nigerians)? So, even if every single Nigerian was a drug dealer, are Nigerians the only foreigners? If every foreigner was a criminal it could not explain the crime rates in South Africa. 50 plus million people with one of the world’s highest crime rates (rape, murders, car crimes, drugs) cannot be due to foreigners. And returning to South Africa after 94 when there were very few foreigners, who was committing those crimes? It would be so wonderful if South Africa can kick every single foreigner out of South Africa and then revisit this discussion so we can find another scapegoat.

Xenophobia is covered enough and in the interest of brevity, see our further reading section.

Nothing African owned here, DA not concerned. Do not discuss this major issue.


“There is no democracy when 34 platinum miners striking against a British company can be murdered by the state, there’s no democracy when Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa can move from miners’ leader to millionaire and sit on the board of Lonmin, the company that owns the Marikana mine. There’s no democracy if Zuma is replaced by Ramaphosa. And there’s no democracy if a six-year-old boy can drown in a school toilet,” — John Pilger.

Of-course the ANC is a failure for the most part. But by African standards ANC is nothing compared to the fools that run other parts of Africa. Let us discuss the ANC in the context of South Africa’s potential and yes they are a failure. I mean leaders actually leave office without dying or a coup.
Mmusi Maimane a perfect example of black traitors/puppets

Mmusi Maimane and his Wife

For the DA it is so easy to say look at how the ANC failed. Yes, the sky is blue now what about you? If we sit on the sides it is very easy to blame failure on the leadership. Anyone can do that. They blamed Mugabe for all kinds of things, now the power has changed so where is the change? They blamed Gaddafi

Massmart Holdings Limited

for all the issues in Libya, he was this and that. Okay, he was killed by Western forces and now we have slavery of Africans in Libya–nice work, I really like what they have done with the place. So from the dawn of politics one party calling another party a failure is the most tiring political trick. Do you honestly think if White run DA took over South Africa things would be any better? Zuma is gone and is SA any better? I am sure an expert would site improvements here and there but the problems central to SA are 100% in place. Unless you count legalizing weed a big deal, nothing has changed where it matters. And to those who will say it takes time, let us wait and come back in 10 years and see. Please note this original article was written 10 years ago. It has been 10 years since then.


No one is going to argue with the need for land reform. How can you have a modern country where the native people who are also the majority own a significantly less percentage of the land than the White minority? So, if we all know this, which issues are left? If you transfer land randomly to any old person, just because they are African then we know you can forget about your countries productivity. This is the other side of it. The next thing, just like in the case of xenophobia, is that you cannot use this to justify violence against people: disagreement must be civil, it must never ever be violent. There is no excuse for violence when the government is African.

There must be an effective system in place for this transfer also. You cannot start grabbing land. We all know the consequences of this. The one concern is making sure people who get the land can transform it beyond their own self-interest and it can be used to make South Africa stronger economically. That the wealth can be more evenly distributed. The claim of it being our ancestors land is far weaker than the issue of wealth distribution. Because wealth distribution is in everyone’s long term interest. All this xenophobia in SA would be far less if the native people had more wealth. They are affected by it because like the people coming across the border they are also poor. Rich people who own large businesses are far less concerned with a few casual undocumented foreigners.


Yes, Indians are Legally Black

Black Frontmen only

In South Africa there is something called BEE (Black economic empowerment) and it is institutionalized at a government level so companies are graded according to how “black” they are. We understand why, because what the SA government has been trying to do is fix the disparity between race and wealth, race and ownership. They have taken it a step further to not only favor “black” ownership, but to give special privileges to ownership which is “black” and female. Brilliant. Anyway, one thing the SA government failed to do is tie this BEE to SKILLS. So, in the name of ticking a box, sub-standard is running or trying to run business. People with partial education and no passion are hired to do things they have no idea about. In one instance the government gives a “black”person a contract to build a website. Unfortunately that person’s only qualifications are skin color citizenship, and loyalty to the ruling party. Who then will build the website? They subcontract it back to the 10% with the skills. What is the point? Long term? And we will be introducing a new buzz word on this page called sustainability. One of the criteria for new African economic development is that things must be sustainable.

Now here is something many do not know. Do you know what a black is legally in South Africa? Yes Indians are black, and even Chinese are black. So next time you see a business like Walmart (aka Massmart aka Dion Wired, Game, Builders Express, on and on) say BBBEE score increased to 66.14% in 2010 you need to ask some serious questions. 9/10 a rise in Black ownership is a rise in Indian and Chinese ownership. It is how South Africa covers the truth and dabbles in obfuscation to mask reality. The African people we are discussing are poorly represented economically and little has shifted since the end of apartheid. I mean Israel took over Palestine and in less than 4 years had a nation speaking Hebrew and all the books re-written to favor Zionism. So, SA is at best slow to transform.


There are many South Africans, including me, who do not understand why the Department of Home Affairs, led by Malusi Gigaba, enacted these calamitous laws that have caused and continue to inflict damage to the tourism industry.

Wholesale Visa Denial

If Home Affairs barely works for South Africans as an institution, what about foreigners? People made to wait one year and 4 months for a birth certificate because the father was a foreigner.

When we see this Secure our Border campaign and the general air of xenophobia, let us finally discuss so-called immigration reforms. All these issues never seem to be connected when people speak of them. They seem to be treated as isolated, disconnected cases. But what happens to people trapped in South Africa due to the failure of home affairs to perform? Now South Africa has a very dishonest home affairs department that looks so transparent on the surface. Go and read every single page and it looks perfectly fine. Yet, what is hidden is when you go to reapply for your work permit they allow you to go through all the processes, get all the documents signed, provide all the evidence and then they accept it knowing 100% they will decline your application point blank. You never had a chance of getting that so-called visa they allowed you to apply for. There are many widespread cases of skilled professionals who are stuck in South Africa with no forum to redress this situation. Why? Because the smart people who made the policy did so without actually understanding the implementation and the fallout. We understand that they want to get rid of corruption but they only encourage corruption because the legal channels are non-existent or do not work. People always assume their governments know what they are doing–they do not. Just because a government passes a law does not mean that law is good or works. The reforms to visa violates the human rights of people who have families in South Africa and who have long-term investments in SA. So, what are these people with SA kids supposed to do now they cannot get a visa? Pack up their entire life, sell their house, close their business and *** off to a country they no longer have any connections to?

Let us look at how the reforms help non-Africans.

Travelling to South Africa just got a whole lot easier for Chinese and Indian visitors. These changes will come into effect:

  • Visa applications for South Africa can now be made via courier, rather than in person.
  • Biometrics will only be taken on arrival in SA.
  • Five-year multiple entry visas will also be offered.23)


No one can argue with laws which protect locals and put them first. South Africa must first belong to the South Africans, and saying that, it should make sure that the native people of South Africa are profiting from the wealth of their own country. But when you put a pretty new law in place, what good is it when it has no real world implementation? For example you raid factories to get rid of illegal foreign workers because the law says locals need to have these jobs but then the factory closes down because the locals do not want or cannot do the jobs. You have just, with your smart laws, destroyed a business vital to the economy of your country. And a business is a serious thing to lose. Because the laws sound cool on paper, but in practice they totally fail to encompass the full nature of the labor problem, they are not rooted in the reality of the environment.

In the garment industry of African attire, many of those tailors are illegal. How do you integrate them into the economy of South Africa so that they can add to the development of South Africa? What they are bringing is development but if you do not know anything about what is happening on the ground, how will you know this? There is no government agency which seems to understand this. They are determining the value of people based on skills like being a doctor and various other university qualifications but is that the only people who contribute to the development of a country? Some of the most talented tailors and embroidery artists are now in SA, most without proper papers. Many areas of industry have critically skilled people who fail on paper to demonstrate they have critical skills, some have intangible critical skills which no paper can do justice to.


How much African ownership in here?

Malls are popping up in SA like weeds in your kitchen garden. Politicians and the press are using those buzz words like ‘economic development’. But we need to be careful because although conscious Africans use terms like economic development and these politicians use the same terminology, we are not having the same conversation. Unfortunately, our people do not understand anything in this dialogue. You call it development, yet when you look at all this modern genius not one tenant in these malls look like me or you. At best it might be 1% in a country with 80% Africans in 2019 but they call it development. Why? Because it creates a place for our people to go and do some mopping. They are throwing out numbers like 1.2 billion rand and 600 million rand apartments, yet we do not live in these places, we do not own the construction companies that build these places, we have no business in these places other than to be consumers or elementary maintainers. Yet, where is this discussion? And people think they are better than another African country. But a better slave is still only a slave.

South Africa is the powerhouse of Africa. It is one amazing country. It is also one country that has a truth crisis. The crisis started with the lie of apartheid and its justification. Since then SA with a White or African government has a master’s degree in lying to itself. South Africa is burning the trees of tomorrow for trinkets today because none of this greatness is African owned. Barely anything in any mall is owned by native people. Even on the streets of Joburg what is African owned is owned by Africans (Somali, Ethiopians, Nigerians, Ghanaian and others). There is an entire street in Durban run by Ethiopians. Now the argument of racism in this instant has to be thrown out if another African population (and a persecuted group) can make South Africa work for them.



Look who runs Race Relations

CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations is White, the institution is White with a few black faces.


  • Afrophobia is unAfrican

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5. DA use to be White run, but to increase their control they realized they needed a token Negro and his white wife to attract local Blacks who seem so blind they cannot see that DA is White rule.
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14. In a recent interview with Tyson property, as to why rent in African dominated areas was higher than Whites, they said it was because the black population spends more on food and clothes despite having significantly lower income.
15. Critical skills are not in dispute as the government clearly admits this to be an issue, but what they fail to admit is a lazy attitude towards work
17. This is the first photos of Ocacia, it is now one the few luxury online African clothing store in the world. The only one in South Africa which exports clothes to Western countries and employees and trains local South Africans.
19. White South Africans in the UK are a very successful community, more so than many British born people of African ancestry–because they are white they are favored in the UK job market. They marry White UK people and have no issues with xenophobia
20. Lazy and Jealous
21. And when we discuss laziness it also means an attitude where you do not want to invest in yourself to create long term success. They take their money and waste it while not putting anything into  personal development. They all want to wear the latest clothes, weaves and have all the DSTV channels, yet do not prepare a future for their children to be owners in business. They do not work day and night like foreigners do. They have no interest in learning anything new.
22. Local vs Foreign


African Holocaust (Est. 2001) is a non-profit civil society dedicated to the progressive study of African history and culture. The society is composed of diverse array of African scholars and writers, who share the desire use critical thinking to represent and restore an authentic, reflexive, honest, inclusive and balanced study of the African experience, past and present.

  • ZEFO

    March 12, 2019 #1 Author

    A sad sad sad day indeed. I have so longed & hoped for the mindset & consciousness of our people would have risen by now. That we would be sick & tired of the same old thing happening over & over again……..but now, i just don’t know…. are we doomed to repeat the same history over & over again. If you try to do something you risk failure, if you don;t, you ensure it. We can’t continue to point fingers or blame others. For We will never reach our destination if we stop & throw stones at every dog that barks. If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you loose. . When you have been educated by the same person who inslave & oppresses you. When you find yourself worshiping the gods of of those who have tried & are still systematically trying to destroy you, when you place your health & the health of your children in the hands of the same people who do not believe you have a right to exist as yourself….. it is clear that as a cultural or civilisational group, you are simply advancing towards your final destruction. “WE OFTEN GIVE OUR ENEMIES THE MEANS TO OUR OWN DESTRUCTION. To quote a pale skin colonizer. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.


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