African Holocaust: Maafa

The word ‘Maafa’ is derived from a Kiswahili word meaning great tragedy. The term today collectively refers to the 500 hundred years of suffering of people of African heritage through Slavery, imperialism, colonialism, apartheid, rape, oppression, invasions and exploitation. The African Holocaust is a pan-African discourse on the global historical and contemporary genocide against the mental and physical health of African people.

Africa Before Slavery

Africa’s history did not begin in slavery. Beyond cotton fields and civil rights in the 120,000 years of African history. Rich in Kingdoms and culture. Slavery and colonialism represents a minor part of the history of Africa.

Scripts of Africa

Ancient Africa had a predominantly, but not exclusively, oral tradition. But Ethiopia for over a 1000 of years has used, and still uses a Ge’ez based native script. And apart from Ajami (Arabic script for African languages), West Africa had Vai and Nsibidi. Not to mention the obvious Nile-Valley (Ancient Egyptian and Nubian) scripts at the beginning of civilization.

African Leadership
The Root of Failure in the African World See Also | African Legends | Corruption You see men sailing on their ego trips Blast off on their spaceships Million miles from reality No care for you, no care for me–Bob Marley In terms of natural resources, Africa is the... Read more
Business and the African World

The critical issue of business in the African world is pertinent in an era where globalization is an ever more encroaching phenomenon, and marginalization of groups failing to engage in business is creating greater economic disparity. Good business is critical for African development as well as a mechanism for self-determination.

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21st Century Slaves

21st Century Slaves

Slavery July 13, 2012 0

The Dark Shadow of Slavery Today Over 21 million people are hidden in plain view of the world, trapped in slavery: From Bangladesh to Beijing and from Brazil to Berlin, from Texas to Tel Aviv. Most of them are trapped by debt; all of them are exploited and manipulated... Read more
Facts About Africa

Facts About Africa

History July 17, 2011 0

Africa has 3000 distinct ethnic groups, 2000 languages. Home to the most genetically diverse people on Earth. So diverse that two Africans are more genetically different from each other than a Chinese and a European are from each other. Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent. At about 30.2 million km², it covers six percent of the Earth’s total surface area and 20.4 percent of the total land area. With approximately 58 countries. It occupies a wide dynamic latitude has; deserts, forest, snow, temperate climate, tropics, sub-tropics, lakes, the longest river, lowest point on Earth, mountain ranges. Now we have to ponder over these figures when we have these vulgar sweeping generalizations, which fit all of this diversity into one and two monolithic boxes. There are generalizations, which do define Africa, but almost none that are exclusive to Africans.

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African Marriage

Marriage in African culture, from North to South, East to West is hands-down one of the most significant rites of passage. It is the most celebrated ceremony in all African cultures. African weddings are a spiritual and social family affair and involve the combining of two lives, two families, and even two communities

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African Agency | Critical Development

The fate of Africa is that after slavery, colonialism, apartheid and neo-liberal globalization is that Africans are not agents of their lives. Definitions, agendas paradigms, and perspectives are still imposed by Europeans and others, who dominate all aspects of the African reality. Thus the image of Africa, the concepts of Africa imposed on the world are those created and controlled by non-African forces. Globalization is therefore not only an imposition of products, but also of ideas and ideals — at the expense of broader human diversity.

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Linguistics For A New African Reality

Words have meanings, but meanings are dictated –like everything else by those with power. Words play a critical role in articulating reality and that means reality is a subset of linguistics, and agency. No word is innocent in the hands of power, yet every word is dangerous when applied to the oppressed. We must treat sociolinguistics as a serious area of

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African Classical Music

The word classical is not reserved for things originating from Europe. Most cultures produce classical works in all aspects of the arts. So the higher arts of any traditional society can therefore be called classical works. Classical African American music means art-forms like jazz. Africa have a very ancient traditional of African classical music going back to before the royal courts of Sundiata.

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