White Supremacy White Supremacy
White Supremacy feeds on Black choices and self-hate. The relationship between the White liberal and the neo-con is that of the left hand and... White Supremacy

Our recent ancestors were victims of White supremacy but today we are largely victims of our own choices

Faces of White supremacy

Faces of White supremacy

The analog of the relationship between the White liberal and the neo-con is that of the left hand and the right hand; connected to the same body and necessary for clapping for the continuation of white supremacy. The left hand is as equally dependent on the right hand, as the right is dependent on the left.[1] One commits the crime and the other covers it up. Together the central system of white supremacy is adept at better managing. or manipulating, the world into spheres of white domination and sustaining hegemony over every aspect of the African world; from terminologies, to products, to politics, to Africa’s cultural and intellectual resources.1)Our entire worldview of who we are is created inside of a white man’s imagination. We here about Africa and all we really know is the Africa inside of their minds. We are blacks, sub-Saharan, slaves, tribes, all of this is them, none of this is us.

While many Whites deplore the KKK and are disgusted by such forms of white supremacy, that is not the only thing they hate, they also hate African agency with equal vigor.

I’d rather walk among rattlesnakes, whose constant rattle warns me where they are, than among those Northern snakes who grin and make you forget you’re still in a snake pit–Malcolm X

Africans building WS War machines

The greatest fuel of White Supremacy is Black stupidity. What some of us do not realize is White supremacy is not wearing a T-Shirt saying “Here I am, see my work”. What would be the point in it giving away its location? White supremacy does not use its first or last name (white + Supremacy) it goes by other names like ICC, and IMF, and it hides behind friendly words like freedom, development, free-market, democracy, economic justice, law. But the best thing White Supremacy does is use black proxy agents. All these puppet leaders we see in Africa and Arab countries are full-time agents of White supremacy. Their first loyalty in any country is to protecting White wealth and power. 2)A good example of this is how Puma, Nike etc uses the South African (July 2019) police to destroy African (Foreign/Ethiopian) business to the applause of local Blacks. Unknown to most it was White economic supremacy protecting their market in exploiting African people who support expensive brand names. The Ethiopians with their knock-off brand name clothes got in the way

Candace Owens inspired White Terrorist Brenton Tarrant

We can clearly see neoconservative racism; it leaves a trail of dead bodies, invaded countries, and indigenous people in a state of physical or cultural genocide. However, the liberal strain of white supremacy operates by appearing friendly, with the conscious or unconscious intentions, of diverting non-white struggles into ambiguity. Liberalism is therefore even more deadly because its entire mission is to, knowing or unknowing; protect and project white supremacy by causing internal failure within the African liberation movement. This act of creating failure is almost genetic, because it is hardwired to white self-interest; where whiteness is a property and a mental mode of resonating with the world. [2][3] The overarching characteristic of White Supremacy, in all its strains, and by all of its hidden and open names (such as Zionism, Aryan nation, Darwinism3)Darwinism is just an idea, but an idea used by racist to promote concepts like survival of the fittest where destroying other races is natural because they are seen as weak., etc), is blinding arrogance and an intolerance to any form of non-white agency. Even in the guise of liberalism and charity, it has this habit of speaking for, and through the people, it claims to help.This is what makes it a form of supremacy; the notion of a more advanced, civilized, moral, refined people saving savages from their terrible fate of self-mutilation. White so-called liberals are happy to contribute to the African struggle in a way that always provides the best breeding ground for African dependency.

In its quest for certainty, Western philosophy continues to generate what it imagines to be colorless and genderless accounts of knowledge, reality, morality, and human nature– Alison Baile

Not sure why Islam hates us

Not sure why Muslims ‘hate’ USA

This creates a sense of movement without actually covering any ground—like a mouse on a wheel, that goes nowhere—aimless and functionless.[4] A struggle with objectives, which are just out of reach—like a carrot on a stick. For example, they demand that Africans succumb to some “broader human (color blind) calling” in a “We are the world” that is controlled by the color line. The liberal comes with beautiful words and offers of peace, only to get a better purchase on the African liberation struggle taking it down the path of least revolutionary trajectory. (See how Heritage Day in SA is being “revolutionary” renamed Barbecue (Braai) Day to “unite” South Africans).[5]

So when you have a little petition or a nonsense liberation program and you see a lot of smiling White liberals agreeing with you, know that they have already calculated self-interest. They have no problem agreeing with your gansta film or your guitar concert. But go and build an institute to lobby for reparations, a Pan-African university, or a Pan-African supermarket and see a totally different reaction. White supremacy is fully, consciously or even unconsciously, capable of seeing White self-interest in a split-second.

[Whites] are generous without giving justice; personally humane, without an equitable sharing of wealth, power or status–Maulana Karenga

Image result for Ados founders

ADOS (Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore ) a self-hating  anti-African group hiding behind Reparations.

They can write entire books on Africa and compile a play-list of all White authors without batting an eyelid to the inequity in doing so. They offer feminism in place of women’s justice, to lure the African woman outside of the African family unit. They support every vice and deviant behavior under the banner of liberalism in order to destroy the heart of African unity. They preach peace and harmony while footnoting justice and self-determination. They are very vocal at reminding people that they are divorced from their ancestors historically of horror (and we should avoid generalizations). But they remain the dominant race-class knowing no land of exception. If humanity has any plan of altering the outcome of the future we must own the past, and the behaviors of the past which perpetuate inequity. And that past personality of White supremacy has never changed or been addressed in any institutional way.


There is an unfortunate element in the African community, especially in the Diaspora that uses the existence of White Supremacy to delay actual work in areas exploited or destroyed by White Supremacy. White Supremacy like the Freemasons has become the grand nemesis that stops everything. So they dismiss everything in science, math, logic, history as part of White Supremacy and therefore to be ignored. But European and White Supremacy are not automatically interchangeable. There is no White Supremacy in the calculation of gravity (9.81) and if you want to make African planes fly, you might need to check it out. Einstein, the New York skyline, calculus, aerodynamics are knowledge, not White Supremacy. Truth also does not care if it comes from a European or an African: a statement is not White because the person saying it is European. It is White supremacy only if the message promotes White Supremacy. And this explains why we have Africans who are active agents of White Supremacy (even when holding up the African flag).

The most dangerous place for black people to live is in white people’s imagination—D.L. Hughley 4)Our entire worldview of who we are is created inside of a white man’s imagination. We here about Africa and all we really know is the Africa inside of their minds. We are blacks, sub-Saharan, slaves, tribes, all of this is them, none of this is us.

So you do not fight White supremacy by running off to the forest to beat drums, or pouring libation to the ancestors for intervention, because they will come and find you. Technology must match technology, education must match education. If they make films we must make films. If they build spaceships we must build spaceships and get to Mars first.

It is easy to point the finger at something as omnipresent as White Supremacy and not deal with anything else. White Supremacy is certainly not the only thing going on holding Africans or non-whites back. To believe this is to make Whites into gods. Lastly there could be no defeat of WS in a vacuum, so to defeat White Supremacy is to have economic empowerment, to increase African culture and knowledge of ourselves. You cannot have defeated WS and have no education for your people, or a dependent economic set up.


They invented it

The desire for Whitness or a black version of whiteness makes sense.  You can build your own African world–like how Asians built an entirely Asian world independent of the White world. Or you can just be a cultural orphan and hope to be integrated and live off crumbs. While some of you may hurl at the thought of this, there is some sense in this move. Whites are, from the pov of the oppressed a materially successful group, esp in this era of human history. Hence why Whiteness has a value and carries privilege– it is not made up, it is pretty tangible when 70% of everything in your home they invented. We live in the world they designed not the other way around. Clearly everyone wants to be part of the winning team regardless of the ethics of that team.

Attaching to Whiteness is easier than striking out on your own into the unknown. And this African thing is unknown. Because we are yet to show the world it working in modernity. And when you come to this place that we are in, then and only then do you understand the challenges in-front of us. To show our people the viability of an African reality. And to know that whatever we show them will be contrasted against what Europeans and Asians have already done. No one wants to give up the security (however painful and racist) of what is known for a gamble. 


We say our people do not support and that needs some clarification. If we found out that Nike or H&M was owned by an African would our hatred of self mean we stop buying? You already know we would probably buy more, feeling proud to have Nike or Puma owned by someone that looks like us. So then you just said that we do not support each other. Seems like a conflict. But it is because of how our non-support works. Once white people like something or add value to something– then we embrace it. If 12 Years Later was done by Shahadah or Gerima and whites panned it, so would we. This is why people like Peele and Mr cross dresser do well with our people because they are validated Blacks. Then we support. But unless vogue runs a cover on Ocacia clothes, then we would not on our own add value to go and celebrate it.


Africans have agency and choice, more so now than ever before. If your home is a wreck, then fix your home. You not doing yourself any favors by pointing the finger at White Supremacy especially when you are ignorant of its operation. Because if you truly understood what White Supremacy was, then you would know the battleground is in your own home! And in neglecting to educate your children only feeds them into the frontlines of White Supremacy.

Bad parenting while an outcome of the African Holocaust will not be fixed by marching on “White supremacy” (WS is not that type of target) only by an internal review of African parenting. The poor education which plagues our people cannot be fixed by “blowing up” the “White” education system, only by creating an African education system. Capitalism which ruins lives does not respond to the weak threats of confused people, only an alternative to capitalism. If White Supremacy destroys identity, then identity must be repaired TINA (there is no alternative).Because how can a people who do not even know who they are and where they come from defeat a group of people rooted in identity? How can people who cannot engineer a a bridge fight people who can?

150 Africans killed, clearly Black Lives Do not Matter especially to “Black”people5)A cyclone destroys Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe very few Blacks in South Africa care, barely any reaction from Africans in America and the UK

White Supremacy Stopped me from clicking this link and supporting African business How can a people without a banking system defeat people with a banking system? So running a Facebook page and talking 24/7 about “they killing our people” does nothing to White supremacy.

Screaming on the streets about “Black Lives Matter” has zero effect on White Supremacy because White Supremacy has no conscience to appeal to, so who is hearing your powerless televised cries on TV networks that you do not own, on social media you do not control? And If you are not organizing as institutions to deal with social justice, parenting,marriage, business, lobbying, education, support civil societies, media ownership, then you are the firewood that keeps White Supremacy burning bright.


White supremacy is not the only form of supremacy in the world. However, it is the only one which operates on a global scale knowing no limits. It s the primary form of supremacy shaping the last 500 years of world history. It is the victor of all the last 50Black Supremacy and White Supremacy0 years of conquest. And the Western strain of White supremacy is the victor over other strains such as Nazism and communism. White supremacy is packaged with democracy, neoliberal globalization, human rights, internationalism, capitalism to blend into the social-economic bloodstream of the world.

And while some would argue about the existence of Black supremacy (as in radical Afrocentrism), this form of supremacy only exist in online forums, blogs, self-published books, basements and talk shops, and in pseudo-academic papers. It has zero influence anywhere where it affects the lives of anyone. It has no domain in any economic space; it has no power! It has no repository of WMD, it invades no countries, it has no economic system, it has no media monopoly, it has no army, it has not invaded any country, it does not genocide native people, it does not control the IMF, or the influence GDP. It cannot affect the Dow Jones, it has no means of production, it does not even own any public traded companies. If anything, does more to damage its own people than members of any non-African race.


Burning down the slave master’s house inadvertently made the slaves homeless–‘Alik Shahadah

Because most African people are so dependent, interconnected, harmonized and grafted onto White supremacy; even if it is a master-slave dyad. It means hurting White Supremacy means hurting a lot of African people: Just like a cancer, which integrates itself into the host body. So in places such as Kenya, USA, the Caribbean and SA anything affecting White domination also negatively affects the welfare of African people: This is why White Supremacy is so well protected. And explains why its best mechanism is to restrict African agency and create deeper dependency, deeper social-economic control over the lives of its victims.

This dyadic relationship creates a paradox where African people have become cultural orphans of Europeans (Nehusi). So any attempt at say transforming the economies of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya will destroy the lives of many Africans who exclusively depend on servantile and middle level jobs created by White supremacy. Just like burning down the slave master’s house inadvertently made the slaves homeless. (Shahadah) The very people liberation is targeted at are themselves buffers protecting the continuation of White Supremacy.


Mmusi of DA (South Africa) Works hard for White Supremacy

We are still mental slaves. And let me make it plain by an example. As much as many of us complain and carry on about White oppression the only thing we actually want to be forever happy is acceptance in the White man’s eyes. The cage they have for us is in need of an upgrade (and nothing else). So while people might create “Black Cinema”, “Black fashion magazines” under the illusion of race pride all they are really doing is taking the icons and themes pre-approved in the white world and featuring them.

A case in point is our film. How many “Black” magazines reviewed it? But they did review 12 Years a slave (pre-approved and stamped White safe), they jump and review any Hollywood film with one “black” actor in a second. How many reviewed Sankofa by Gerima? How many so-called “black” sites talk about anything not verified by their white masters? and with Black fashion it is only a focus on the tiny “black” element from within the White world of fashion. Black books are books celebrated by New York times that have in “black” elements. Not the 100s of powerful African conscious books written by African independent publishers/authors.


And we need to appreciate the world is dynamic. White Supremacy prefers Whites, but that is not all they prefer. They prefer money just as much. Money and power. And this is why Hitler for all his antisemitism and Aryan race ideology formed alliances with  Japanese– a dark skin Asian people. It is why Trump would fly to Saudi and lick bums. White supremacy is not totally stupid like these YouTube styled Black supremacists who say no to everyone not in their cult. And we need to pay careful attention.

Hitler, despite his Aryan pretensions liked Power even more 




Take a look at the YouTube comments to any African American tragedy. Youth being killed for having a wallet in their hand, being strangled to death in public for doing nothing. Look at the comments of South African whites, the same whites we are told are part of the “We South Africans” and the “Rainbow Nation” many people will excuse this as “bad apples”, but these are not bad apples. It is the prevalent trend of White attitudes to non-White people.

Sometimes you watch Denzel win and award or see a film like 12 Years a Slave get many awards or an African America

Elexus was abused for this statement

Elexus was abused for this statement

n in the White house, ANC in power, etc etc and think that we are moving forward— but we are not! Because moving forward could never mean success for 0.0000000000000001% while the conditions of the 99.9999999999999% have gone backward. Yes, backward. The debate on race in America and in SA has stalled. The issues which we had on the table in the 60s and 70s and 80s are washed out. And it is because of our laziness and comfort being in a cage AND the evolution of White Supremacy. They have countered our struggle by giving us Obama and Oprah and all these trinkets to make us feel we are part of their world. We are not, today we cannot even define ourselves, own much of what we use in the world, or even speak the truth without threats and abuse about our history and identity.


White Supremacy is like the Borg in Star Trek. You might (if you are lucky) get off one shot but they adapt. They evolve they assimilate. Our issue is we

Like the Borg- The assimilate and Adapt

Like the Borg – They assimilate and Adapt

are always 100 steps behind. We hit them in the 60s and were so happy with ourselves we relaxed– they did not. After 94 in South Africa most threw their hands up in the air and said ‘WE WON”, we won nothing but what they were prepared to give. They were 10 steps ahead of us. WS does not rest, it is not static, it evolves to keep Whiteness supreme. Where you found White supremacy weak last year it has already grown stronger. And every day it repairs its weaknesses while exploiting ours. It also studies us better than we study ourselves and therefore knows how to disrupt our efforts to gain freedom. Yes we can beat it: They are not a divine force.’




Can you believe what This woman did? She sent her Nephew money via Western Union and is now probably going to jail in the UK (along with her husband) for guess what? Funding Terrorism. That is right. She funds terrorism as her Nephew is allegedly a terrorist since he is fighting British troops in Syria. And this is why WS is a psychopath. Do you know how many arms are sold by the British and Americans to conflict areas in the world? Well it is easy to calculate since 99% of the weapons used to kill people in Africa and beyond are made by White Supremacy. Do you know how much money is spent in Israel to help them kill Palestinians? But this woman probably sending $200 dollars is Funding terrorism and now has her face across British Newspapers like a traitor and a criminal. Funding Terrorism?

White Supremacy has a short term memory. And we use this example a lot. After capturing us, putting in prisons for months while waiting for the slave ships, and then finally packing us like animals in those sea coffins — serious “learned men” of the time wrote that Africans smelled bad. They did not see all they had done to create that situation. Many years later, after nothing has been done to redress the inequalities of slavery, they write about the ghetto like if it just came into existence with no history. Just like that, no roots. They bomb and bomb and bomb other people’s countries and write about refugees as if they confused about what made so many people run from their homes. They will go on Fox for 2 hours and discuss the topic and never mention their campaign of terror that made people leave their homes. Same with Africa, they confused at where all these African refugees coming from. They are innocent in what is causing people to leave their homes. White Supremacy has amnesia.


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/cOxOR3x8FBQ” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Super Negroes

 Not all African feel the full sting of White supremacy like the rest of us. The Super Negro is often deified in White society. the likes of Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Hancock and all these greats that are now titans but I have to state Almost All of these guys, if not all of these guys had to be compromised or compromised to be accepted by the society that chose them, over someone else. Even with Bob Marley. He was not the only genius to come out of Jamaica Tosh was there also.

Why society treats them like Gods, the exact same whites who cannot stand our guts every other day of the week. The same whites who spit at Nigerian immigrants and agree to war against other dark skin people. Yet they can make exceptions for Super Negroes. They would not have us over to dinner but accept a few into their lives. And we see this and interpret it as change. Sure it changed for Mandela and Obama. But the same racist South African whites with a photo of Mandela on their business wall still are supporting White supremacy and excluding Africans just as they did in apartheid.

All of these great talents are often surrounded by whites for the primary purposes of making whites richer.  This is why Rihanna and others are always celebrating the white economic system. The more rappers advertise Gucci and Versace the more they are accepted.

Rebel against the master

And it is us with this nonsense about we should all live as one and practice One Love. Which one of them in practicing that? We live in this illusion of inclusion but bank account for Black Panther, etc is in a white name. They let us in the door for their own gains; throw money and their women at us because they are working us. And we need to understand the terms and conditions of our inclusion and praise. Then they

allow these accepted Super Negroes to say something “Black”every now an again, but nothing to radical. And to look good and be believable in the eyes of their race they attended the odd African American museum gig or donate $2 dollars to some Black University.



Mandela Was made a hero of Africa by WhitesWhite supremacy does not have a conscience to appeal to. So we are not looking for it. And some will look at this statement and think “sure” but do you understand how profound it is when we go deep? What that really means is that if your plan of action or solutions involve WS waking up and owning its history of wicked oppression then you are wasting your time. It is like a lamb appealing to the “humanity” of a hungry wolf. There is no humanity anywhere in a hungry wolf. The nature of the wolf by definition is to kill the lamb. WS default mode of operation for the last 500 Years is our destruction. Where “our” means anyone (including other White groups ) who stand in its way. And this is where the Mandela and Kolfi failed. They got sucked into these universal values con; dedicated themselves to flawed concepts which no great powerful nation prioritizes. Whites will accept integration as a strategy in their control matrix. They will tolerate Black rule only when their economic empire is secured. They will promote democracy and the freemarket when it profits them. But let these same values which they hold so dear cause the rise of an African super power and see how quickly these values are thrown out. But some of them, like Martin Luther King realized at the end what was really going on when he famously said:

I feel like I am integrating my people into a burning house


And we think all forms of WS are united. No, WW1 and esp WW2 were the Great White wars for which version of WS would rule the world. Fom our POV Hitler was a WS who had issues with Jews because they were a threat to his version of WS. But Those same Jews when they got to Israel erected their version of WS. All of them were WS. despite their disagreements. Cold war, yet another White conflict. Communism vs Democracy the battle of two great White political systems.


The only revolution in which the goal is a desegregated lunch counter, a desegregated theater, a desegregated park, and a desegregated public toilet; you can sit down next to white folks on the toilet. That’s no revolution–Malcolm X

White Supremacy is not afraid of marching and singingAnd certainly will not work in our competitive globalized economically driven 21st century. It would be wise we should look at the history of successful groups and realize they did not march and meet, they organized (as opposed to just mobilizing) and took control of their economy. Mental slavery has shaped how African, as a group, respond to our oppression. Reacting in ways which only make White supremacy more secure. Because if you are marching for them to give you more jobs, how is that revolutionary? If you are marching for them to give you a better education, how does that create a new African? How can you request freedom from your oppressor?

How can there be new partnerships with the personality of white supremacy, with the foolish hope of a new world when white supremacy has not changed in over 500 years? We are a special generation because we can look back on a historical relationship between us and them, and see that there is an “us and them”. There is no politically correct voice, which can speak around the harsh reality of a dominant race class imposition in all areas of people activity any more than Jews going into ovens could neglect that those going into ovens were not blonde blue-eyed and ‘Aryan.’


We can see Biko talk about it, Malcolm, Karenga, Farrakhan, Elijah; you pick and they had an experience. Has anything changed? Has ownership changed? So maybe we re-evaluate that relationship and institutionalize our approach to these people. Without too much drama or thought, it is clear they must be taken out of the African revolutionary loop. Even if the author is wrong on one point—why take the chance? Humans are surely predictable, and in that predictable behavior no human is so human that they can determine the fate of another group of people. Instead of engagement, the next time some “well meaning” liberal starts pontificating about what is or is not racist, kindly remind them that if they have not experienced what it is like to be African in a white supremacist culture then surely they are not qualified to define what that means. Do NOT engage them in a dialog because it is a trick, it is white supremacy defense mechanism to draw you into an unproductive course of action. Some believe they have time on their hands to sift through the good white liberals from the bad white liberals, even if it takes 1000 years; as if we do not spend enough time figuring out which Africans are worthy of our liberation efforts. Institutional disengagement is the simplest, less headache solution –people healing need restricted areas to grow their health back. How can we grow with them coming in all the time and putting something in our food?

White Supremacy feeds on Black stupidity

What we must always avoid is explaining our oppression to the oppressor with the view of appealing to the conscious of oppression. The oppressor is here to oppress. He is here to tell us to protect White Supremacy but uses words of universal love. However, if the charge is we “are racist” for defending African people against tyranny; then let us be racist — better to be a free racist than a slave. Yes, we can have mutual relationships and exchanges but not one where they are inside our movement (family business). This is not a statement of racial superiority, or us good and them bad, but of pure self-defense. Even if they mean well, it hurts our long-term development, because a people must free themselves by their own hands. We are not their children, we have arms, legs and minds to build and repair our own world. How can any people be complete human beings, and be so oppressed, yet denied the right to define and defend ourselves against that oppression?

References   [ + ]

1, 4. Our entire worldview of who we are is created inside of a white man’s imagination. We here about Africa and all we really know is the Africa inside of their minds. We are blacks, sub-Saharan, slaves, tribes, all of this is them, none of this is us.
2. A good example of this is how Puma, Nike etc uses the South African (July 2019) police to destroy African (Foreign/Ethiopian) business to the applause of local Blacks. Unknown to most it was White economic supremacy protecting their market in exploiting African people who support expensive brand names. The Ethiopians with their knock-off brand name clothes got in the way
3. Darwinism is just an idea, but an idea used by racist to promote concepts like survival of the fittest where destroying other races is natural because they are seen as weak.
5. A cyclone destroys Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe very few Blacks in South Africa care, barely any reaction from Africans in America and the UK


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